Sunday, September 25, 2011

La Brasserie Thoumieux

So J&I went out of our comfort zone of Bofinger and Le Chardenoux for our dose of red meat, and decided to bring Iz&M to Jean-François Piége and Thierry Costes's brasserie at Hôtel Thoumieux. Located on a tight narrow street in the 7th arrondissement, the hotel itself is quaint and full of charm. Step in and you are transported into old Paris, the brasserie noisy and dark, its clients chic yet relaxed.

The service was nothing more than what we expected from a brasserie. Our waif blond waitress banged utensils and almost threw our plates onto the table, but was polite enough that she didn't have to receive an earful from J. It didn't matter though, because my well cooked ribeye steak with bearnaise sauce arrived juicy and tasty. We shared (I should have ordered my own however) a Churros n Roll for dessert, a creative presentation of good ol' churros covered with pop rocks, served with melted chocolate and vanilla ice cream. YUMMY.

A highly recommended place for typical french bistrot food. Do however make a reservation, we went on a Sunday night and the place was jam packed until the wee hours.

Photos by Me
79 Rue Saint-Dominique 75007 Paris

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Joe Allen Paris

The New Yorker in me awoke last night, and I felt the urgent need to have a Sunday brunch. With II & ML in town until Tuesday, what better than a group of 4 in a typical American bistrot on a sunny albeit chilly Sunday afternoon.. We headed to Joe Allen, a reputable American restaurant, one of the "better" ones in Paris. We arrived exactly at 12 noon which was perfect, as 15 mins later the place was teeming with Americans and French diners alike.

The ambience was perfect, typically New York, in the center of Paris in the first arrondissement. Tables were napped and its bricked walls are adorned with framed posters. I literally felt that I was in New York! The menu looked promising, with its brunch selection ranging from pancakes to cheeseburgers to eggs. J without discretion immediately asked for the dessert menu and I eyed their cookies and cotton candy ice cream right away.

The food came pretty quick. Service was efficient and all the servers spoke English. In terms of quality, however, we were a bit disappointed. My BBQ grilled chicken came slathered with sauce which was great, but it was only to hide the fact that the chicken itself was very dry. The burger was acceptable at best (J prefers my homemade ones), and the fries seemed old. In general, we ate everything but did not have the intention to come back for the food, but maybe for the atmosphere.

By the time we left 1.5 hours later, the place was packed and there was a line waiting outside! Its a great place to hangout with friends for Sunday brunch, but don't expect a real New York brunch food experience..

Photos by Me
Metro: Etienne Marcel

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week-end Eclairs at Fauchon

I have been MIA for quite sometime, but back to share with you a feast that my eyes and taste buds devoured yesterday, my 3rd day back from the summer holidays. J & I were at Fauchon, Place de Madeleine, to cater a surprise lunch that we were organizing for my mother in law's 60th birthday. As we were about to choose a birthday cake, we were told that cakes were limited as it was éclair weekend, a special event that occurs once a year.

An array of colors stood before us in the dessert counters, there must have been at least 20 different flavors of éclairs available. They were priced at €5 and up, depending on the intricacy of design and flavor. It took me awhile to choose only 10, in my excitement I skipped reading the labels and picked based only on looks, only to realize that I missed the milk chocolate and passion fruit éclair! No regrets, I have decided on my new favorites- speculoos, caramel with bits of hazelnut, and rainbow blueberry.

Sorry I didn't share this sooner, this event ended yesterday. However, Fauchon does regularly produce their regular éclairs, a favorite of mine includes their sumptuous caramel beurre salé.

Pictures by Me