Monday, November 14, 2011

Cirque du Soleil Corteo

SQUEAALLL It's not only that time of the year, but Cirque du Soleil is also back in town! Corteo opened its tents on November 4th and the show will go on until the 31st of December, so get your tickets quick if you're in Paris! Instead of being staged in a stadium like Saltimbanco did last year, majestic tents were set up in the close suburb of Boulougne-Billancourt. Its getting a little cool in Paris, but worry you not, the temperature in the tent is controlled.

The show was magical as usual. Yet again, pictures were not allowed inside the tent (I did manage to sneak one before the show started however). The stage was majestic, dim lit chandeliers set the ambience to the carnival like background. The tent was smaller that I imagined, and almost regretted getting the Golden Circle tickets as we were very close to the stage. I would've preferred cheaper tickets that gave me a better view of the whole set. But still, no regrets, I could've touched the acrobats if I wanted to!

We were particularly impressed by the chandelier act in the beginning of the spectacle. In fact, all the acrobatic acts lefts our mouths open and begging for more. The clowns, however, I thought were a bit lame and not as funny as Saltimbanco. I must admit, I did yawn during a clown act, but that could also be explained by my lack of naptime that day!

Tickets range from €34 to €375 (for "red carpet" shows), and price also depends on weekday/weekend shows and matinée/night shows. I suggest going for the Categorie 1 or 2 tickets for a nice full view of the stage. It will also save you from neck pain from always having to gaze upwards! The tent is set up on an island, and cars aren't allowed across the bridge. There is a metro nearby, or else parking is available before the bridge, and you will need to walk over for about 10 mins to reach the tents.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Étretat is a small town in Normandy, just about 2 hours away from Paris, making it a great weekend getaway for Parisians. It is known for its high clifts and quaint town, very touristy in the summer months. J & I made the trip in October, and the weather was cool and crisp but skies remain clear and sunny.

Being right by the sea, I expected to stuff my face with the freshest seafood money can buy at an affordable price. However, given Étretat's very touristy reputation, the restaurants that line the beach are more concerned about filling up their space rather than offering great food. We ate at a restaurant called L'Huîtrière that had an amazing view of the clifts, but served food that was slightly less than acceptable.

It isn't a big town, and a few hours is more than enough to cover what is interesting to cover. A great find was a store that sells local products called La Rose des Vents. Get a pot of caramel apple compote and your toast in the morning will never ever be the same!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Restaurant 1728

Ahh.. yet another food blog, go figure. Yet another restaurant? Not so.. 1728 is strategically located walking distance away from L'Elysée, Hermès and Christian Louboutin, right smack in the chic neighborhood of Rue Faubourg St Honoré. It serves as a gastronomic restaurant, tea salon, AND art gallery. Too much for your taste? Same here.. We had mix feelings leaving this restaurant, although there are many good things to be said about the service and food.

Personally, I thought it was a bang for your buck at 1728. For about €100 per person, you get a french gastronomic experience in a true 18th century townhouse, built in 1728 of course. Each room guards in tact its history and charm(read more here However, J felt that the sommelier was not up to par with expectations for a classic restaurant, and thought that the menu had too many fusion elements.

I was very happy with my duck confit millefeuille and carré d'agneau that was cooked to utter perfection. The desserts were nothing great, the restaurant caters ready made dessert from patissier Arnaud Larher, which were super yummy, but simply taken out of a box and placed on a dessert plate.

So do come if you don't have high expectations or a deep wallet, but wish to experience a pleasant and somewhat classy dinner.

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8 Rue Anjou 75008 Paris
Metro Madeleine