Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Étretat is a small town in Normandy, just about 2 hours away from Paris, making it a great weekend getaway for Parisians. It is known for its high clifts and quaint town, very touristy in the summer months. J & I made the trip in October, and the weather was cool and crisp but skies remain clear and sunny.

Being right by the sea, I expected to stuff my face with the freshest seafood money can buy at an affordable price. However, given Étretat's very touristy reputation, the restaurants that line the beach are more concerned about filling up their space rather than offering great food. We ate at a restaurant called L'Huîtrière that had an amazing view of the clifts, but served food that was slightly less than acceptable.

It isn't a big town, and a few hours is more than enough to cover what is interesting to cover. A great find was a store that sells local products called La Rose des Vents. Get a pot of caramel apple compote and your toast in the morning will never ever be the same!

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  1. so nice! so many nice places to visit outside paris. its absurd