Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Cute buildings line the center of town
The very picturesque old port of Honfleur
A quiet alley way

Honfleur, my favorite stop during our weekend getaway in Normandy, is an old port town in the department of Calvados. Small, picturesque, touristic, and very charming, it is worth a pit stop of a few hours or so. J & I spent about 2.5 hours having lunch and walking around town which was more than sufficient. 

We made reservations to eat in a brasserie that faces the port called La Grenouille. Famous for its mussels and fries, it is a big must if you are into that sorta thing, of course. I was highly contented with my fried calamari and rice! There is also a 2 Michelin star restaurant in Honfleur called Sa Qua Na, a restaurant by Alexandre Bourdas. 

Super cute and romantic getaway, only a few hours away from Paris!

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Photos by Me