Wednesday, December 5, 2012

'Tis The Season!

Hellooooo everyone, its December again and that time of the year! I've been MIA for about 6 months now, sorry, life happens. Wigglemonster will be a year old soon, and I've been spending most of time entertaining her, running after her, bringing her to gardens to look at ducks, etc. You mommies understand, this is a full time job! I have no regrets, having a mini-me is the best thing in the world...

Anywho, it's December and super cold in Paris. Most days it is grey, cloudy and miserable, but you do get a few sunny days here and there. The Christmas market on the Champs Eysées is in full swing, stores are showing off their best in their display windows, and it smells like the holidays. Thank God I've gotten all my Christmas shopping done, the crowds are starting to be major in most of the department stores. People are lining up to buy Moncler jackets like they are buying bread! Geez its the crisis people...

Here are some pictures from Printemp's windows. A Winter Wonderland, a Parisian Christmas inspired by Dior. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, while clutching hard to my handbag of course (yes you still have to be VERY aware of pickpockets. ESPECIALLY during this time of the year). Ahh that Lady Dior in marine blue is definitely on my list. J'adore!

Pictures by Me


  1. Hi Alia,

    It is nice to bump into your blog. I'm not into blog actually but yours is that nice that I read most of your stories. I like the way you tell the stories too! :)

    I actually plan to visit Paris for a day a visit on the way from London to Barcelona alone. It is not confirmed yet but maybe you can advise me whether it is safe for a 32 yrs old female wondering in Paris city alone? Maybe i spent the night and continue my journey to Barcelona the following day to meet my friend.

    Pls advise. Appreciate if maybe you can email me at Thank you.


    1. Hi Kath,
      I'm so glad you like it! Thanks for reading... Yes, its definitely safe for you to travel alone in Paris, just like any other city in the world, you just have to be careful and vigilant. I will be writing to you shortly.....

  2. Hi!! Alia , mind to let me knw ur email , I would like to ask u something about Paris..:)

    1. I Mrs YNF, I hope I'm not too late! I've been MIA lately as usual.. Anyways if you still have questions you can email me at