Friday, May 24, 2013

Hotel Ermitage Evian Resort

So if you decided to checkout the mountain-side of France and are wondering where to stay, search no further. The Ermitage of Evian Resort is probably the only hotel you should consider. Hotel Ermitage (4 stars) and its sister Hotel Royal (5 stars) share the same grounds right on Lac LĂ©man in the town of Evian-les-Bains. It has a baby club, a kids club, a teen club, a golf course, a spa, and exterior and interior swimming pools- it pretty much takes care of the whole family.

The service is friendly and efficient with staff who speak French, English and Russian. Babysitting services are available for a fee and there are several restaurants to choose from. The playroom is a mini heaven made of a pool table and wooden toys. Placed strategically next to the library and bar, you can relax while keeping an eye on your child.

Clients of Hotel Royal consists more of the older set, very calm and old school. We picked the Ermitage because of its appeal to families. The ambience is relaxed, kid friendly, with just a tad hint of snootiness which I don't mind. Wigglemonster was well entertained by the pianist in the evenings, she enjoyed her session in the jacuzzi, and slept very well in the hotel's baby cot.

All in all, it was a good experience. This hotel is recommended.

Our room with garden view
The Ermitage
The Ermitage garden
The Royal lobby bar
Outdoor pool

 Photos by Me


  1. Hi Alia,
    I have been dating a french expatriate lady here in KL the past 2 years and now she wants me to visit paris to look at registering a marriage and getting a spouse visa.
    We are currently reading up on how is best to go about it. Wondering if you have any experience that you could share with us?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Continuation.... If you are Muslim, JAWI or JAIS or whoever represents you will make sure that the person you are to marry is Muslim. If you aren't Muslim then the certificate will be issued without their participation. Then you go to the city hall of your arrondissement and pick a date. Of course, some people are put to an interview to make sure its not what they call a 'grey marriage', but with Malaysians its usually quite straight forward

    2. And I'm assuming that you will be living in Paris after the wedding?

  2. Hello! Oh yes, I went through it all. Any french citizen can marry in the city hall with the person he/she chooses. Depending on the country the foreign spouse is from, a 'certificat de coutume' is needed. Since Malaysia is a Muslim country, this certificate must assure that the foreigner doesn not and will not practice polygamy, isn't already married, etc etc.

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