Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Lean Canteen


My entreprenurial little sister Aina and her boyfriend Mark has recently launched their hip little business called The Lean Canteen. As you can tell by the name, they provide lean and healthy ready made meals to Klang Valley-ers, with delivery service and pick up points around the city. Malaysia is well known for its food and sweet drinks, delicious but often not exactly great for the waistline. I even read somewhere that we are the fattest nation in South East Asia! Fortunately for us, we are starting to be more aware of our health, and the fitness and healthy food industry is booming. 

Mark and Aina work closely with a nutritionist and monitor the calorie count of each dish, which is displayed. Prices range from RM13-RM19, and they often run out of stock so its best to pre-order your meals. Personally, I haven't tasted the meals, but from what I have heard, The Lean Canteen has managed to provide the health benefits without sacrificing the taste. Their Facebook page also provide tips on how to eat better and have posts on the health benefits of a certain vegetable or ingredient. Check it out :

Babas Beef Burrito
Don Aglio
Bangkok Beef
The Taj Mahal
It all started when my sister realized that the lifestyle she has been leading for years has got to stop. Weight loss became her obsession, and the hardest part for her was finding the time to prepare healthy meals. Her problem is faced by many in Malaysia, and I quote "as a food lover, it was hard to find delicious food that doesn't break the bank". How true. It is easier and cheaper to have a fatty meal of nasi lemak or other local delicacies, than a simple salad. 

Mark, a personal trainer, always insist that the formula to losing weight is of course working out but most importantly, food intake. The Lean Canteen vacuum packs all of their meals that makes the food lasts longer, and thus easier for one to plan their weekly meals. It is stored in the fridge, than reheated at any moment. 

So now, how to order?

Please leave your details to Mark (012-3682980) or Aina (012-2086440):
- Your name
- Name of meals and amount
- Payment mode (COD or bank transfer)
- Pick-up at eCurve or delivery & delivery address

Pictures courtesy of The Lean Canteen


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