Monday, February 7, 2011

Le Chardenoux by Cyril Lignac

Obsessed with the show Top Chef, J & I decided that we need to try the restaurants of the celebrity chef judges. We chose Cyril Lignac to begin with, and discovered his shi shi restaurant Le Quinzième. Loved it. Only after several times here, that we realize that he had a brasserie too. Le Chardenoux, a charming spot that occupies a corner lot in the 11th arrondissement, serves traditional French dishes for about 45€pp for a full meal (25€ fixed lunch during the week).

The space is small, cozy and traditional. During some days, you may even see the Chef himself here mingling around with guests and kidding around with the children. The staff will make you feel at home, and we see no difference of quality in the service here and his fancier restaurant mentioned above.

The food here is hearty and yummy. I cannot recommend anything else but the following 3 things that I never fail to order:
Start with the Ravioles de Langoustines (crayfish ravioli in a cream sauce to die for), continue with Curry de Lotte cuisiné en Cocotte (monkfish curry cooked in a pot), and end with the Eclair au Caramel de beurre salé (caramel Eclair, but to my horror it isn't on the menu anymore!)

1 Rue Jules Vallès
75011 Paris

First Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Photos by II

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