Monday, January 31, 2011

The Bretagne Region

Pennarch Beach
Saint Thugien Beach
Douarnenez Port
Region's pastry, the Kouign amann
A 13th Century ChurchA typical home, circa 1870
Langouste à la Crème at L'Etrave Restaurant

La Bretagne, or Brittany in English, is a region in the north-western region of France that is home to about 4,365,000 people. The region boasts beautiful coastlines, serene views and the best seafood money can buy. About 5hours and 50 mins away by car from Paris, La Bretagne is a great getaway spot during the summer. You won't find the crazy crowds that you find in the south, but for a reason. In the peak of summer (July-August), the sea remains at about 17 degrees Celcius!

Just like Barcelona and their Catalan language, Brittany also has its own. Its called Breton and is a Celtic language that is closer to Welsh than it is to French. In fact, it sounds NOTHING like French! Some words I picked up: Kouign amann (see picture above, it is a pastry that consists of lots of butter and lots of sugar) and kenavo (which means good bye).

Other than the vast nature and picturesque views of the sea, what I appreciate most about Bretagne is its food. Like I mentioned in my earlier blog, this is where the french crêpe is originated. I had a creamy scallop crêpe to die for, followed by my usual caramel au beurre salé. The restaurant L'Etrave is known for its seafood. Here, you can expect only the best of quality, and warm hospitality that Parisians are not so used to :p

So, if you love nature and want to experience la campagne (the countryside), attempt to be different from other tourists and make your way here. Reserve a chambre d'hote (a bed and breakfast), rent a bicycle and bask in the beauty...

Photos by Me


  1. i would love to visit bretagne! how far is it from paris?

  2. Its like 5.5hrs by car... Kinda far but we can go, depends on J!