Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Elegance Cake, Le Triomphe

After debating for a long long time whether I should be sharing this little secret with everyone, I decided.. why not! This is by far the best triple chocolate cake that I have ever tasted in my life. It is a neighborhood secret if I may say so, since it is only available in the 2 Le Triomphe bakeries in Paris.

A layer of dark chocolate cake, then a layer of milk chocolate goodness, then a chunk of white chocolate mousse, this cake is called L'Elegance for good reason. Not only is it good, it is beautiful. You won't find it in the touristic neighborhoods your guidebooks tell you to go to. The 2 bakeries are nestled in the residential 20th and 12th arrondissements of Paris.

The addresses are:
95 rue d’Avron 75020 PARIS
23 rue du Rendez-Vous 75012

Photos by Me

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  1. THE BEST CAKE IN THE WORLD! it doesnt even have a cake-like texture. its just soooooooo damnnnn gooood!!!!!