Monday, June 27, 2011

Le Meurice Restaurant

A few weeks ago my BFF from NYC and her husband came into town for a few days and we unanimously agreed on a gastronomic weekend. You cannot get any better than any one of the 3 star restaurants of Paris, and Le Meurice was The Chosen One for that Friday night. Chef Yannick Alléno and his team succeeded in providing us the BEST dinner we have ever had in our lives.

From the ambience, to the food, to the service and everything in between, we have nothing but praises. We were delightfully surprised by each amuse bouche, each detail on our plates, and the breathtaking decor that was the hotel and restaurant themselves. The service was charming and impeccable without a hint of snootiness. The Chef himself greeted us at the door, and humbly led us to the restaurant where the Director of the Room took over.

We started the evening at 8:30 and left at 1am. The check came and looked like a booklet, and the boys didn't let us peek. In any case, this restaurant is definitely a place to celebrate something special, and we won't be making this a regular spot, as much as I would love to!

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  1. the food looks divine! so does the amazing decor! how old is the building?

  2. the salmon dish with foam looks like a similar dish i had at a really nice resto in bangkok. doubt it was 3 star tho!!

  3. Its not salmon, they are carrots! The only carrots I eat without squirming in my seat...