Friday, September 19, 2014

Disneyland Paris

It's so wonderful to be able to relive your childhood again! What other way than to live precariously through your 2 1/2 year old daughter?!? We went to Disneyland Paris twice this summer, only because my Princess didn't get to meet the Disney Princesses the first time around. Crazy doting parents we are, we learned the hard way the tricks of this château magique (magic castle as our daughter calls it). 

Firstly, choose wisely the day you decide to go. French children don't have school on Wednesdays, thus it is a bad day to go. People take extensions of their weekends, so Friday and Monday is not a good idea either. The best day ever- is the first day of school, or during the rentrée scolaire. Wigglemonster 1 goes to a private shool that starts a day after the public schools do, so we had the chance to do everything we wanted that we couldn't the first time. 

If you have a Princess crazed daughter or son, one parent must RUN towards the Princess Pavillion to get a meeting time with a princess. Once you have your ticket, you will be assigned a time frame. With this you enter the Princess Pavilion and wait again between 30 and 60 mins. If you have a younger child, do not enter! The wait is torturous, and with a moody baby you will quickly give up. This is what happened the first time so we decided to leave our son at home the second time around. The wait was worth it... The look on our baby girl's face... And MINE!

There is a thing called the fast pass. For any popular ride, you can scan your entry ticket to get your fast pass. It gives you a time frame and another line to wait in that is way faster and shorter. You can have one fast pass at a time. But if you go on the first day of school like we did, you don't even need it. Space Mountain had a 5 min wait which is unheard of! 

Main Street
There is a restaurant called L'Auberge de Cendrillon where you can dine with the princesses and princes. Book way ahead. The parade starts at 5:30 pm but with a car, we decided to leave before it starts to avoid the crowd. 

It's a truly magical place to be. Disneyland Paris brings out the kid in everyone no matter how grumpy and moody of a person you are, and makes every child's dream come true. 

Photos by Me 

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  1. Thanks for the tips. we went last summer too but on friday. gotta repeat it next year