Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Christian Louboutin

About 5 years ago while living in NYC, I discovered my love and obsession with Christian Louboutin shoes. Subtle, not that widespread just yet, these red soled beauties managed to suck drool out of my mouth (although I must admit that it doesn't take that much for me to drool over when it comes to shoes..)Its platformed 5 inch peep toe heels is the ultimate classic and should only be owned by selected non tacky women who appreciate its simplicity that oozes elegance, not teenagers and mistresses who live in Miami. Unfortunately, Louboutin shoes have been copied and sold on the internet for 1/5 its original price- this disgusts me.

Christian Louboutin, a French shoe designer born in 1964 launched his line of high end women's shoes in France in 1991. He has brought a new meaning to stilettos, reviving almost vulgar cabaret style shoes into sleek, sexy and creative designs for chic women today. Cheapest pairs start at about EUR350, and it goes up to thousands of Euros.

In Paris, Christian Louboutin has 3 boutiques in only the trendiest neighborhoods. If you are looking to buy a pair, I suggest that you go to the original store on rue Jean Jacques Rousseau in the 1st arrondissement. The salespeople are rude, arrogant and unfriendly, but this is what you will have to deal with to get a pair. Usually, my husband will put up his snobby French attitude to actually get service. Stride in, be snooty, and speak in English. That should intimidate them into doing their job! The store on rue Fauborg St Honoré may be slightly bigger (with 2 floors) but they never have the "normal" sizes (37,38). These shoes run out fast, so as soon as a new collection comes out, GRAB EM! During the sales, only the craziest aka ugliest seasonal shoes will go on the rack. The classics never do...

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  1. I bought a pair at the rue Grenelle boutique on my last trip, but want to try the other two this time. Thank you!