Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Second wedding!

Second wedding to the same man, that is.. Sorry for ignoring the blog, we have been away for 3 weeks in July in Kuala Lumpur for our second wedding celebration. It was the most beautiful night of my life, with the first half being traditional malay. Jean looked like a malay Sultan, complete with songket, keris and all sorts of bling! We walked into the Sultan Ballroom of Le Meridien KL accompanied by traditional gamelan music, followed by a silat performance before the prayers.

For the second part, we changed into a dress and a tux to continue the second half in a more western style. I danced my last dance with my father, and then my first waltz with my husband. It was magical and would do anything to have a 3rd wedding! ;)

Photos courtesy of Saiful Nang and Fuad Topa of Candid Syndrome


  1. I saw your wedding shots in one Saiful Nang's album. Looks fabulously lavish I must say:) Congratulations!

  2. i was at your wedding, helping you with the dress! :)

  3. Hi Xema! Thanks for helping us, everyone LOVED our traditional baju :D