Tuesday, August 24, 2010


My husband calls me a "gourmande", which simply means someone who likes to eat, and one who likes to eat a LOT. One of the simple pleasures in life that I have discovered in Paris are macarons. No, they are NOT meringue like fluffy little goodies that taste like coconut, like most people think. These babies are little delicacies shaped like a tiny burger, with flavors that range from simple vanilla and chocolate, to haute couture flavors like vanilla olive oil and wasabi pistachio.

One very famous brand is La Durée, the main boutique located at the edge of Place de Madeleine. Tourists from near and far queue up to get their share, but me, I pass by and shake my head. I make my way down Rue St Honoré, then a right on Rue Cambon and VOILA the best chocolatier and macaron maker in the world, Pierre Hermé. To all Malaysians, take my word, Pierre Hermé's macarons kick every other macarons' butt!

They are so so good, that I BEGGED my husband for a Pierre Hermé macaron "piece montée" (wedding cake) for our wedding in Paris. 2 flavors that we absolutely adore are Caramel Beurre Salé (salted butter caramel) and Fruit de Passion et Chocolate (passion fruit chocolate)

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  1. mannnn i really want passion fruit macarons now!

  2. i don't know about macarons but i do love escargot! wait, did i spell that right?

  3. thats so lame! bahahahah... we will taste pierre herme once we are in paris :p

  4. tq! I'll try both just because Laduree was featured in Gossip Girl! ;)

  5. Yeah and Chuck got Blair a box of Pierre Hermé in front of the Plaza!