Friday, January 14, 2011

Café Angelina

Café Angelina, a tea salon founded in 1903, sits grandly opposite the Jardin de Tuileries and next to the renowned Hotel Meurice. Here, you can sit on Louis 16 style chairs, sip on the best hot chocolate in Paris, and get completely immersed in Parisian lifestyle.

Usually during tourist season (pretty much throughout the year), you'll find a long line for the tea salon. This kills a little the "Parisian lifestyle" ambience that I mentioned, but you can beat the crowd by coming in the morning before 10:30am. It helps too if it is rainy out. In the worst case, you can takeaway a cup of hot chocolate for €4.20 and a pain au chocolat and find a seat in the gardens right opposite. Make sure you have a bottle of water in handy, as the hot chocolate is really thick! Thick enough to dip churros in ;)

My personal favorite is their chocolate chaud au chocolat blanc (white chocolate hot chocolate). Not to be found anywhere else so far, it costs quite a lot, €6.80 for a single pot. So worth it! Pair it together with their €3.00 pain au chocolat and you are in Parisian breakfast heaven.

226 Rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris
Photos by Me


  1. I've added this to my 'must go' list ;)

  2. Even if it wasn't I was planning on dragging you there... Well the 'dragging' probably not necessary heh

  3. Loves the millefeuille :)

  4. Yes you should. Where else is good for patisseries, the one that you've tested n like?

  5. Just got the millefeuille, eclair à la vanille and a st honoré for teatime today! OH YES.. Pierre Hermé and Le Triomphe remain our favorites until today.. If you ever try Le Triomphe, lookout for this chocolate ball (I should blog about this soon). Its HEAVEN

  6. I've always love Pierre Herme.hehe will check out le triomphe one of these days. Thanks! Millefeuille yumss