Monday, January 10, 2011

La Bocca Della Verita Ristorante

On a recent trip to Kuala Lumpur, J and I realized how much Malaysians just LOVE Italian food. Italian restaurants are coming up like mushrooms in KL, and that is the reason why I decided to write a blog on this quaint little restaurant in the heart of the St Germain district in Paris.

I can totally understand, when its cold and windy, you just don't feel like having small portions of food in big beautiful plates in a fancy French restaurant. All you want is to put on your comfiest pair of jeans and have a huge plate of pasta, or any kind of carbs really. This restaurant, situated on a paved road in a calm and quiet corner of St Germain, would fit the bill. Fancy enough to put on a little black dress for dinner, yet warm and inviting enough for "comfy clothes" during lunchtime.

Surprisingly, its menu that had quite a choice of truffled plates will not break the bank. Starters go up to €19, the first main plate up to €35 and pastas up to €32. I had a lovely time savoring my tortelloni with cream of white truffles, and J his spaghetti with mussels. The staff was wonderful- warm, friendly and bilingual. It was the perfect spot for a Sunday lunch date with the man of my dreams..

Photos by Me
2/4 rue du Sabot
75006 Paris


  1. Thanks Alia for this resto info. Now I have another new place to try!

  2. Hi Alia, any recommendation for me as I'll be in paris in a week time. Hope you can share or any halal's resto particularly? Thank u and much appreciated.

  3. Hi Amy.. Be very prudent with anything that says "halal", its not usually what it is. The Grande Mosquée of Paris was in trouble not too long ago for stamping non halal food as halal. Therefore, I suggest just eating seafood if you are strict about it.