Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cours de Yoga Intégral à Goncourt avec Christine

Cours collectif: Samedi et Lundi 10:15-11:45 à 3 rue du Buisson St Louis, 75010
Individuel (pour un suivi personalisé): déplacement à domicile
Cours collectifs: 60€ par carte de 4 cours, 18€ à l'unité
Cours individuel: 50€ à l'unité (cours d'1h), 160€ par carte de 4 cours pour le mois
CHRISTINE CHAUVANCY: +336 89 90 43 20

"Depuis 20 ans, a pratiqué différentes formes de yoga: le viniyoga, des yoga tibétains, le yoga Kundalini et le yoga intégral; mais aussi différentes formes de méditation: la méditation transcendantale, des méditations bouddhistes, ma méditation IAM (Integrated Amma Meditation)."

I started taking yoga in January this year just to try it out, and I LOVE IT. The first class was challenging and despite the deceptive calmness, it was hard. It got easier and easier after awhile, but I still find my body sore the next day. I am completely addicted, and I have finally found an integrated whole body exercise that is not dangerous, tones the body, and builds stamina and flexibility.

I recommend Hatha Yoga to anyone and everyone. It is safe and adaptable to your level, and Christine is very attentive. Any problem with your body must be reported before the class so that she is aware of it, and could adapt poses to your capabilities. The class is conducted in French, but should be of no problem to those who just understand French.

Please call Christine and/or arrive 10 mins before the beginning of class. Yoga mats, cushions, and blankets are available for use.

Metro: République, Goncourt

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