Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Laila, Hairstylist and Makeup Artist

I am one of those people who has had the same haircut for the past 10 years. I trust NO stylist that costs less than a certain amount, and most of the time I wait for my visits to either Kuala Lumpur or NYC to have a simple trim. I've tried Carita in Paris, its ok, but for €180 a haircut and no English spoken, I rather wait.

All this drama over my hair until I met Laila. Bubbly, blond, super cool and a fellow yogin, she is a professional hairstylist and makeup artist from Los Angeles. She has been in the profession for the past 24 years, and for those who are skeptic of hairstylists that you do not know, fear not. Laila has worked on film sets and post production publicity. HBO movies and shows that she has been involved with include The Sopranos, Rome, Deadwood and True Blood. So in terms of experience and exposure, she has got it all!

Back in Los Angeles, Laila had her own salon with about 250 clients. Her husband and herself decided to move to Paris in search of new adventures together, and here she is, my new trusted hairstylist! She is available for house calls or in her apartment in Arts et Metier.

I've always wanted bangs, but with the thin fine hair that I inherited from my mother, I risked looking like Smeagle. Laila coaxed me (gently!) into getting the cut of my dreams, and I have NO REGRETS. She listened to everything that I told her I wanted, and the results were fantastic.
Rates are as follows:
Women: €60
Men: €40
Color: €60-€160
Makeup: €60
House call: additional €25 (for now this fee is waived)
Please call Laila at +336 44 29 54 89 to set up an appointment


  1. i'm planning to get a new hair cut during my visit to Paris. Will call her if sempat! Thx darl for the info :)

  2. You should babes! Hope you'll have the time...

  3. SMEAGOL bahahahah .....

  4. Hi Alia, would you be able to provide Laila's email address to me? I am looking for a make up service in Paris. Would like to ask Laila for the price and availability. Thank you so much!

  5. Hello! Unfortunately Laila has moved back to Los Angeles... She would be so happy to know that someone asked for her... I'm sorry! :(