Thursday, March 17, 2011

Les Colonnes de Buren

By far one of my favorite Parisian spots, it is hidden from the tourist path yet sits grand in the heart of Palais Royal. Les Colonnes de Buren (The columns of Buren) is a 3,000 m² sculpture erected by Daniel Buren in 1986, a French conceptual artist. Just like the Jeff Koons exhibition at Versailles, this sparked a debate about integrating modern and contemporary art with France's historical buildings. Personally, I love the old+modern look, it gives a kitschy edge that not just any city can pull off.

This is a perfect spot for picture taking, for taking a rest after a long walk, or to grab a bite of a sandwich perched on one of the columns. There's nothing much to do really, but I find myself coming back just to gaze around and daydream.

This square actually inspired the theme of my Malaysian wedding. This was our Alice In Wonderland/Colonnes de Buren inspired wedding cake!

Photos by Me
Cake photo by Saiful Nang
Metro: Palais Royal


  1. take me there when im in paris in may!

  2. Takpe, you couldn't do everything in a week! Next time!