Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week-end Eclairs at Fauchon

I have been MIA for quite sometime, but back to share with you a feast that my eyes and taste buds devoured yesterday, my 3rd day back from the summer holidays. J & I were at Fauchon, Place de Madeleine, to cater a surprise lunch that we were organizing for my mother in law's 60th birthday. As we were about to choose a birthday cake, we were told that cakes were limited as it was éclair weekend, a special event that occurs once a year.

An array of colors stood before us in the dessert counters, there must have been at least 20 different flavors of éclairs available. They were priced at €5 and up, depending on the intricacy of design and flavor. It took me awhile to choose only 10, in my excitement I skipped reading the labels and picked based only on looks, only to realize that I missed the milk chocolate and passion fruit éclair! No regrets, I have decided on my new favorites- speculoos, caramel with bits of hazelnut, and rainbow blueberry.

Sorry I didn't share this sooner, this event ended yesterday. However, Fauchon does regularly produce their regular éclairs, a favorite of mine includes their sumptuous caramel beurre salé.

Pictures by Me