Friday, September 24, 2010

Jardin du Luxembourg

The French Senate

The Medici Fountain

An Ode to Homey
In my opinion, this is the most beautiful garden in Paris, and apparently also the largest public park. (I totally didn't know its as big as 224,500 m²!)It is located in the 6th arrondissement, also one of my favorite neighborhoods to eat, shop and chill. I usually read in the garden of Tuileries, but once in awhile I make my way here to read at my favorite spot in front of the Medici Fountain. In the summertime, throngs of tourist groups pass by with their tour guides and loudspeakers, so when I get too annoyed, I move to the surrounding gardens, where I never fail to grab 2 chairs (one to sit on, and one to rest my feet)... away from the noise and sweatshirts.

My best friend from KL, S.A, literally had goosebumps when she was here. (This is according to her, ok!) After awhile living in Paris, you kinda get used to beautiful things. I'm not saying this to be pretentious, just trying to say that with a non-local person, I was re-introduced to the beauty of it all. My breath was taken away once again when I see things with tourist eyes. The flowers, the properly trimmed trees, the super chic mothers and their equally chic babies in strollers, and man..the HISTORY behind it all.. you can't help but let your mind wander and imagine a little how it was hundreds of years ago...

In 1611, the widow of Henri IV, Marie de Medicis, decided to build a palace to remind her of her native Florence. She bought the hotel du Luxembourg, which now houses the French Senate, and later in 1630 bought another 30 hectares of land to build a park. The garden has over a hundred statues, fountains and monuments scattered around. Twenty figures of historical Queens and female saints surrounds the central green space. Its like a pop-up history book. I plan to dress my future children in Tartine et Chocolat and bring them here, where they can socialize and find many friends ;)

Metro: Saint Placide, Odéon
Photos by SA


  1. i never got the chance to visit! next year in may will definitely do so!

  2. paris version of central park?a more upper-scale one perhaps? nice.

  3. I went to this garden and I must agree, it is very beautiful. Your blog is very informative on my trip to Paris and the review is a pleasure to read! I hope you can visit Provence and blog about the famous lavender field one day. ^^