Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who's Next Paris

Who's Next is a fashion exhibition that features designers from all over the world. Every year, MATRADE (Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation) sends off between 8 and 10 Malaysian designers to participate in the fair. Just like last year, this year Innai and its brain-behind-everything director, Izrin and hubby Marc, are in town! We have known each other since sekolah rendah (junior school), and through the great wonders of the Internet, found each other on Facebook years after our pinafore wearing days.

This year's fair lacks the innovation and creativity of last year's. I can smell a financial crisis as soon as I stepped in. Nonetheless, its so great to see Europe's finest in fashion all perched on skinny heels, all in the same hall. Women and bag watching is one of my favorite pastimes, and I assure you that my eyes did their fair share of wandering these past 2 days.

I am not saying what I'm about to say because Izrin is my friend, but because I DO LOVE INNAI! Its long flowy caftans and togas compliment any body shape and size. The fabric lands softly on your skin, and moves oh so elegantly with your gestures. Even while some pieces cover your whole body, it oozes style and class. My Innai caftans have been worn for special functions like weddings, and a few months after it finds itself on a tropical beach.

Checkout Innai's website at www.innaibatik.com
Photos by Me


  1. was browsing through who's next and I found your blog!wow,congrats for the newly weds! :)

  2. Thank you! I checked out your blog too, you are a Malaysian in Paris as well? That's great! I know no Malaysians here except for the people at the embassy!

  3. haha,I was babe.now setting up business in M'sia.but once in a while I travel to Paris for the premier vision :) i got an email from the embassy for the Raya celebration.u should go!:D

    p/s: i love your Eiffel banner :P

  4. aaahhh I see! I will checkout your creations, we try to go back to KL twice a year or so.. Yes will be attending the Raya celebrations this year, I miss being with Malaysians.. Good luck with setting up your business!

  5. thank you darls!following your blog:D will be having a website soon.in a mean time stay tuned!there are some of my friends who are still there,working.honestly if it isn't for the M'sia JPA students,I won't even know any Malaysians too!have a great Raya at the embassy next Friday ya :D