Saturday, September 18, 2010

Printemps & Galeries Lafayette

Ladies ladies ladies, shopping anyone? Shopper's heaven! If you like departmental style shopping that is. Printemps and Galeries Lafayette are two department stores right next to each other in the 9th arrondissement. It is definitely more shishi, but they kinda remind me of the Macy's area on 34th street in New York.

Each store is divided into the Men's Store, the Women's Store, and Home and Beauty. Galeries Lafayette coupole is where the women and beauty sections are. Do not forget to look up while you are in there! The roof is a beautiful dome (see pic), and during Christmas time to my delight, Christmas decorations hang down from the skies. Makes me feel like a kid again. But oh well it doesn't take much to do that!

Personally, I prefer Printemps because it is less famous in the world hence there are less people and hence the shopping experience is more peaceful. The crowd is less shady as well. BE CAREFUL while shopping at Galeries Lafayette, this area, yet again, is really known for thieves and pickpockets. A friend of mine very recently had her Kelly bag stolen while trying shoes on at Chanel! It was gone in a blink of an eye, and because of the crowd it is almost impossible to trace it!

In case something is stolen, this is what you should do:
1) Go to the "Acceuil", the general desk, and report the theft.
2) Go to the nearest Commesariat de Police, which is at 14 bis rue Chauchat, 75009 Paris. It is within walking distance from the stores. They have many tourists reporting stolen things here so there will be at least one person who speaks English
3) Stop fretting, its GONE
4) Call the Malaysian Embassy, go there to make your temporary passport. You will need 2 passport size pictures and EUR13

So try to avoid this area on the weekends. Go during the weekdays early in the morning. ALWAYS pay attention to your belongings and bring a bag that has a zipper and keep it zipped at all times. Be defiant, and trust no one!

Metro: Havre Caumartin, Chaussée d'Antin La Fayette
Photos by Me


  1. is it really that dangerous?

  2. you won't be killed or kidnapped, but yes Paris is very well known after Rome for pickpocketters!

  3. The same thing happened to me today at Lafayette. I was sitting down trying on shoes and casually set my purse down next to me (it was rather in the way). Two seconds later when I was about to retrieve it, it was gone.

    So unbelievable :(

    I was having such a good trip otherwise. I never thought I'd get my purse stolen at a fancy department store - but there you have it - never leave your guard down (or your purse) even in the nicest of places.

  4. Sorry to hear that :( In fact, the fancier the place is, the more I am careful! They know how to target their victims...