Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Les Madeleines à la "Alia"

Ok ok so I need to work on my chocolate coating skills..

Its a beautiful day today, really it is! Sunny and dry, with a high of 22 degrees celcius. If H.B.T was in town, I'd be sure to receive a call or text from her saying "come on let's do something!". But, she has moved to Brussels, and I just feel like staying in and baking madeleines!

I'm sure its nothing new to you guys, madeleines can be found everywhere in Kuala Lumpur. It is a small traditional cake that came from the Lorraine region in the northeastern part of France. It is buttery, sometimes greasy and OH SO YUMMY. Usually it is served as is, but you can also find them covered with chocolate.

I am going to give the ULTIMATE gift to J, WHITE CHOCOLATE covered madeleines! Now that you won't find at the local boulangerie, those I can call Les Madeleines à la "Alia". *squeal*!!!

PS: Ok so I don't get an A+ for aesthetics, but I shall work on that!

Photos by Me


  1. Yummmm! Yes you do need some work on aesthetics but to me taste is most important! I am sure it is soo delicious!! Madelines found in KL are not that great.

  2. wait wait.. double confirm, looks like bahulu :D hehehe issit?

  3. Anon- I know! Spoke to a chef friend and he told me that I need to dip and let choco drip, instead of using a brush to paint the chocolate on like I did. Next try!
    Nadiah- Not bahulu lah, madeleines! Yes I admit it does look similar but the taste is completely different..

  4. aww so cute!i fail at baking..if I wanna make a cake,turns out to be biscuit.

  5. Looks delish! So did you take those cooking classes we discussed but I never managed to get around to before bebe et Bruxelles?! I would have hauled you out into the sun, but it looks like you were super productive anyway. YUM!

  6. Not yet, but its still in the plans! This time I'm hauling J because its not fun alone :(

  7. Learnt how to make these 2 days ago. Honey n green tea flavour