Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Khir Khalid

An Ode to my Magician
We just received our professional wedding video, and I must say, that my makeup was complètement sublime! My efforts on re-doing it myself has failed miserably, and even with the right magician tools, in the end I think its all about the talent. And this talent belongs to Monsieur Khir Khalid.

A beauty enhancer, is what he is. I wanted a sleek, modelish look (and not the cakey bridal look as usual), and that's what I got! With my baju kebaya, my eyes were sexed up with black eyeshadow, and lips nuded with a lip pencil. My eyes were dramatized as I changed into my Vera Wang, with an overall glowy and shimmery look to end the night. All I can say is, BRAVO!

Do checkout his work at http://khirkhalid.tumblr.com/

Photo by Saiful Nang


  1. i am so booking him for my big day. money worth spending coz you'll be looking at your wedding photos till forever!

  2. yeah totally, I keep on watching the wedding video too and I'm like there's NO WAY my children/grandchildren will be making fun of me hehehe