Friday, October 22, 2010

Market Restaurant Paris

Situated on the fabulous Avenue Matignon in the 8éme arrondissement of Paris, Market is owned by French-New Yorker chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. A hub for the fashion forwards and business people in suits, this design restaurant won't disappoint you in terms of deco and coolness.

J & I went to Market with 2 other couples and found ourselves seated comfortably in a corner looking over the main floor. Furniture sleek, lighting dim, the sighting of the word "truffle'" in the menu, it was ideal for a night of catching up with friends. Your red soled heels and YSL pumps would be well received here, women sneak peaks at you up and down as you weave through the tables. Its all good, they're just appreciating your good taste!
In terms of food, we absolutely fell head over heels in love with our Black Truffle and Fontina Pizza . Each couple shared a pizza, and I told J that the next time I am NOT sharing! The main dishes were OK without saying more. The warm chocolate cake that J had was a lot better than my caramel au beurre salé ice cream, that would've been good if it was not too salty.

So come here for a trendy dinner, DO NOT share the truffle pizza, and be prepared to pay about EUR80 per person. Which I considered expensive for what we had, but hey I'd pay anything for that truffle pizza!

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