Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Palms, Zanzibar

An Ode to Everyone We Met

Without abusing the word 'magical', I would like to say this one time that our 8 days spent at The Palms, Zanzibar, was MAGICAL. Zanzibar itself is mythical on its own, white sandy beaches and clear water pretty much everywhere you go on the island. On the eastern coast on the beach of Bwejuu, rests the ultra luxurious 6 villa hotel, The Palms. Each of the villas are equipped with its own private plunge pool, a minibar, a living room, a little study with an extra bed and extra bathroom, a main bathroom fit for Mariah Carey, and a private beachfront pemba (hut). Each hut is constructed traditionally, with the walls separating each living area stopping before reaching the ceiling. The wooden furnishings and mosquito net over the giant bed gives it a rustic luxury feel, just a slight reminder that you are in a land far far away..
The service at The Palms is one of a kind. With 50 employees to 12 guests, you know that you will be treated well. Chef Alan heads the kitchen, providing us with a Micheline star worthy meals 4 times a day. Everything is personalized to your needs, I asked for chicken satay for dinner one night, and chicken satay is what I got! The staff is friendly, courteous, and trained so meticulously that sometimes J and I said to ourselves, this is like service in a fine dining French restaurant! Everyone made us feel so welcomed and so comfortable, that after a few days I really felt like I was at home. Pardon the many food pictures below, I think everyone knows by now how much I love food!
The beaches in Zanzibar are dreamy. I spent hours just reading and listening to the waves. During low tide, you are able to walk about 1km into the sea. But beware of sea urchins! We were equipped with reef shoes and this is super important. If you don't have them the sister hotel next door provides them for free. We went snorkeling and swam with dolphins, well J did, I was afraid so I stayed on the boat. These dolphins are wild dolphins, and we spent a good hour chasing after them on the boat and jumping into the deep sea when we see a school of them. It was my first time and it was amazing..
We had such a great time with each other that I am going through a slight depression being back in rainy and gray Paris. People are protesting against the retirement age non-stop, the metros are semi-working, and its COLD. I wouldn't feel this way if we had just an OK time. The fact is, I actually miss The Palms. I miss the people we met during our 8 day stay, I miss the Hakuna Matata mentality, I miss the food and I miss our little hut! I recommend this hotel to anyone and everyone, and if you do get there tell everyone I said hi!

Photos by Me


  1. i love it!!! i wanna go!!!

  2. Alia, you are depressed to be back in Paris, this is serious... should I just jump off the building then?

  3. love your photos! aawww dont say that about paris; paint me a nice picture until i FINALLY get there to witness the real deal :P

  4. haha but Jackie, you live in BRAZIL! Hot beach sun fiesta? And Tania, no matter how bad it is, it still remains beautiful unless protesters decide to burn monuments down but I hope it won't go that far!

  5. It gets worst when I read this post and have the video playing at the same time.. SIGHHHHH :(

  6. what a gorgeous place!! It doesn't help that I'm reading all of this while seating in a cold rainy Canada!LOL. I feel your pain! and thanks for all the helpful info, this has just been added to "the places I must go!" list.