Sunday, October 31, 2010

Le Salon du Chocolat 2010

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, hot chocolate, brownies, cookies, marshmallows, orange flavored chocolate, chocolate shaped like vegetables, chocolate shaped like champagne bottles, chocolate handbags, chocolate dresses, chocolate fountains, EVERYTHING chocolate can be found at the Salon du Chocolat, in exhibition from October 28th until the first of November. It is a gourmande's playland, my eyes were wandering everywhere, and my excitement was at its peak. J & I threaded through the throngs of people, my annoyance of being in such a crowd was waived as each stand amazed me with something or another. This is the best way anyone can spend €12.50!

Photos By Me


  1. i would've been embarrassing company to this exhibition, if you know what i mean :P

  2. hahaha no Tania licking chocolate off your fingers in public isn't embarrassing at all!