Thursday, October 7, 2010

Louis Vuitton

How can I have a blog that speaks to Malaysians, and NOT talk about Louis Vuitton? An international Parisian house of luxury, Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854. Since 1989, it is owned by billionaire Bernard Arnault. (Ladies, I just googled him, not really the eligible bachelor type)

The LV boutiques can be found pretty much everywhere in Paris, with the one at Galleries Lafayette being the most famous with tourists. Each time I pass by, there is usually a line of about 15 Asian tourist deep. NO JOKE! Their tour buses literally leave them there, hence clogging up this particular boutique. Suggestion: go next door to the newly opened boutique at Printemps. Its about the same in size, but less people.

The Mothership of LV however, is located at Avenue Georges V on the Champs Elysées. Spread over 5 floors and 1800 m², you will be enthralled to find pretty much anything LV you are looking for: trunks, shoes, books, prêt-à-porter, and a decent men's collection as well. The line has started forming here, but it is not long, a 10 minute wait is not all that bad for a woman with a mission.

Around the stores, do not be surprised if a Chinese woman/man ask you for a "favor" to buy them something. They will come up with all sorts of compliments for you, like "oh you speak English/French well", or "you dress better than me", etc. Reason being, there is a limit of what you can buy for certain passport holders. This is to prevent copying and counterfeited products that as we all know, are fabricated in China.

So love it or hate it, Louis Vuitton has been an emblem of French luxury. Please don't abuse it!

Metro: Georges V
Photos by Me

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