Thursday, November 18, 2010

Air Asia X Flies to Paris

Yes everyone, its official! I can now open my big mouth and announce to the world that Air Asia X now flies to the City of Lights.. Promotional prices starts at €99 one way, and a "normal" priced ticket up to €199 one way. Yes I know, CHEAP! Even though that means that now I may have to share my macarons with my Malaysian comrades, ohhh its fine I like spreading the love! And most importantly, I can now haul my friends from Europe and NYC (without burning holes in their pockets) to my beloved country, to experience the food and the shopping and the beautiful islands of Malaysia..
I've personally never been on a long haul Air Asia flight, but was told not to worry and that the seats are very comfortable. Just don't forget to have some cash with you to buy your food, and don't forget your eye masks and ear plugs! Feel free to drop a comment or questions on anything you would like to know about Paris and how to make your trip here a memorable one..
The launch of the KL-Orly flight was held today at Palais de Chaillot.

Photos by Me


  1. Hi Alia, i was "googling" bout Paris and I found your interesting blog!

    Well, my name is Zura, a writer of Cosmopolitan Malaysia. I'm planning my Paris trip with my 2 BFFs on 3- 10 March. and we are "greedy" to catch a train to Amsterdam for 2 days from Paris.

    Any suggestion on itenarary? I can't wait to visit La Vallee Village + Disneyland :)



  2. Hi Zura! Thanks for reading and for following my blog :)
    Ooh you girls will have a great time. I have personally never been to La Vallee Village, but from what I've heard so far its a hit or miss. Some friends came back with €100 Jimmy Choos and some with nothing.
    Amsterdam is about a 4 hours train ride away from Paris, and a 2 day trip may be too short. I suggest staying at least 2 nights, the city is great and there are lots to see.
    Leave me your e-mail and I can give you more suggestions! Merci!

  3. I appreciate for your prompt response :)

    My email :)