Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Valentino x Gap

OK, after the whole H&M frenzy, I received a tweet & bbm from my fashionista in KL informing me of this new collaboration. First thing I said was "I HATE GAP!" And yes, I hate Valentino x Gap as well. This deception and disappointment only continued after I was appalled by the Valentino autumn/winter 2011/11 collection. While the original collection remains classic, the bows, animal prints, lace and studs (or a combination of all! eeks!) did not tickle my fancy one bit!
And now, Valentino reaches towards the mass market with a collaboration with the Gap. Is it a marketing ploy? A desperate call for help? Thank god this collection will only be sold in specific stores across Europe. I loved the frills in the past haute couture collection. Now, that will be translated into frilled jeans and frilled cardigans (made with a jeans looking material). I just CAN'T!
What do you think?


  1. Yuck to gap. shame on you Valentino! ever since he retired the company has had loads of issues; its just not as good as how it was. Its such a shame, his dresses were beautiful!

  2. yeah, they have financial difficulties too.. It was ok until Spring this year, and now its all just a disappointment, other than the classics. TOO BAD :(

  3. I actually like GAP's skinny jeans (mine fits like a glove, and is a current favourite). And their basic t-shirts are OK too (although they do lose their fit after a while - circa a year in the case of my GAP basic tees). If you don't mind sharing, why do you dislike GAP so? x

  4. I don't mind at all :) Like you said, they're just BASIC. And "OK" just doesn't cut it. I consider H&M "OK" because at least it is trendy. I lived in nyc where the Gap is just the cheaper version of Banana Republic, so I just got used to the stereotype.(However still overpriced for what they offer!) And I have a burning passion for Valentino (well least I used to!) and this collaboration just does not reflect Valentino's image and what used to be their target market.. And in the end its just my personal taste ;) bises