Monday, November 8, 2010

Père Lachaise Cemetery

Located on the eastern side of Paris in the residential 20th arrondissement, Pére Lachaise is the biggest cemetery in the city and one of the most famous in the world. Here lies the bodies of great painters, artists, writers, politicians, dancers, rock stars, and many more well known figures. The cemetery spreads over 118.6 acres and attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists annually.
Walking around Père Lachaise, I felt peaceful and not a little bit scared by the fact that I was in a cemetery. You know how scary graveyards are in Malaysia! The family catacombs were built in the style of Haussmanian architecture, at least to my eyes. They look like little apartments, the family name engraved proudly above the entrance. You will definitely need a map, especially if you are looking for a certain tomb. Maps are sold for €1 or €2 at the different entrances.

Metro: Père Lachaise, Gambetta
Photos by AG


  1. Cemetry pictures, thats something new on here :)

    thanks for putting them online, specially the Oscar Wilde ones

    paris tours

  2. Well, I can't expect tourists to be just all about food and fashion like I am :D Thanks for reading!

  3. wow,i'd like to stroll around here and ponder nostalgic

  4. bahahahah and thats a good thing! :p