Monday, November 29, 2010

Le Paname (Fondue Restaurant)

Its COLD outside. That's right peeps, this week will be at 0 and below the whole week! I woke up today with snow on the trees, the streets wet and everyone bundled up. Winter has officially arrived in Paris, so make sure you're well prepared if, for some weird reason, you are planning your trip here at this time of the year!
One good thing that comes out from the cold weather is the need to eat all the time! We had some friends over from NYC last week, and rain or snow or shine, we had to play our role as tour guides. The day we wanted to show them around Montmartre, we drove for a good 15 mins around the area to find a parking. We eventually found one right in front of this small and cozy fondue restaurant, Le Paname.
I thought that it was weird that a typical french restaurant was called Panama, but J explained to me that "Le Paname" is actually a slang name for Paris. Ah, that makes more sense. The restaurant also served other French classics like steak and fries, escargots, and french onion soup, but prides itself with its famous fondue Savoyarde and fondue Bourgignonn . The Savoyarde is a pot of cheese with which you dip your bread and sliced meat. The fondue Bourgignonn has no cheese, you will be served a plate of raw meat and a side of french fries, which you cook yourself with a pot of oil on your table. It comes with 3 different sauces.
The price for the fondue is €16 per person with a minimum order for 2 persons. We ended paying about €30 per person for our meal, which is very reasonable. Itwas a perfect meal after walking around on a cold cold day!

Metro: Abesses
First 2 photos by Yamil Gonzalez


  1. this was a highlight of our honeymoon discovering this sweet little spot in Montmatre ;) we loved it :)